Special Newsline Tonight!

Special announcements: During this evenings Amateur Radio Newsline George County ARES park event for this Saturday "The Scratching Post" will be one of the special event items promoted by Don Wilbanks and Newsline. Lucedale will be on the map a little larger than usual due to this special two minute recognition hopefully will give a good boost to our first QSO park event.

Also, following the net I've been invited to be on the podcast Ham Nation where I will have the opportunity to share and promote "The Scratching Post '' for this Saturday. You can watch the podcast live by going to YouTube and search for Ham Nation where there you'll find the live feed. I am very proud that we as a group have grown to the point of being able to do these fun activities and bring George County to the Ham Radio world. If you haven't been very active in the hobby or in a group come on out join us Saturday and every Wednesday night for the net and the second Saturday for our monthly meeting. Thank you to each one of you for making this group a fun and successful venture.

As usual after following Newsline there will be weather, Ham announcements, trivia and training (last minute updates for this Saturday's park event).

One last note, we are still in need of Net Controls and backup Net Control operators for a few months remaining in the year, and even starting a list for next year. If you like to volunteer as a net control operator or backup please let us know when you check-in tonight or send Chris KF5TJO our Net Manager an email

Looking forward to hearing from everyone tonight on the net.